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The general terms and conditions of sale (hereinafter "GTC") apply to all contracts concluded through the online store (hereinafter also "site") operated by Resicash SA (hereinafter "we" or "our"). We are entitled to change these GTC at any time and do not accept any GTC or similar of the customer.

The data protection notice (Privacy Policy) is an integral part of these GTC. By accepting these GTC, the customer also automatically approves the aforementioned policy, which he/she declares to have read and understood, while accepting the validity of the wording in Italian.

Our online store (hereinafter also "site") directs its offers only to customers domiciled or based in Switzerland, limiting deliveries to Swiss national borders.

Offers are valid as far as it is on the site and at the same time there is corresponding and sufficient availability in our warehouses. The indications and visual reproductions of the products referred to in our online store are indicative and therefore not binding. The use of our site presupposes acceptance of these GTC.


  1. 1 Prices

Prices are given in Swiss francs and include VAT. We reserve the right to change prices at any time. Any additional charges are shown separately in the shopping cart.

2.2 Conclusion of the contract

The contract is concluded when the customer places his or her order online.

Online ordering premises the acceptance of these GTC and its annexes in their entirety.

Our offers of products at the prices indicated in the online store remain subject to a resolutive (cancellation) condition due to impossibility of delivery or wrong price indication, this regardless of the order confirmation email the customer receives after his online order.

In the event of total or partial impossibility of delivery, we shall duly inform the customer and correspondingly refund to the customer the price (total or partial) already paid, excluding any further claims for compensation against us.

2.3 Confirmation of dispatch and timing of delivery

The customer receives indications regarding the dispatch of the ordered products. The relevant delivery times do not depend on us and result from the activities of the postal forwarding company.

In the event that a delivery is extended beyond measure (more than 30 days after the online order), the customer may rescind the contract and demand a refund of the price already paid, excluding any further claims for compensation nein our regard.

2.4 Payment

Payments take place in Swiss francs and are made as soon as the online order is completed.

The following payment methods are provided: credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) and debit card (Maestro).


  1. 1 Withdrawal.

A general right of withdrawal in favor of the customer is excluded. The customer's online orders are binding for all purposes. It is our free discretion, according to our sole appreciation, to be able to grant mutations or cancellations of orders against reimbursement by the customer of expenses and administrative charges caused to us. In such event, the customer must return the products ordered by registered mail within a maximum of 10 working days from the date such products were delivered to him/her. The return of products, in their original packaging, conveniently packed and undamaged, shall be at the expense and risk of the customer.

3.2 Defects

The customer shall examine the condition of the received products as soon as possible and give us corresponding written notice at the latest within 5 working days after receipt of the product.

Otherwise, the sold products shall be deemed accepted, except for defects not recognizable by ordinary examination, which must also be communicated to us in writing within 5 working days after their recognition. The customer shall return defective products to us by registered mail within a maximum of 10 working days from the date such defective products were delivered to him/her.

As for defects due to untimely or wrong shipment, the customer shall immediately request corresponding attestation from the shipping company and forward it to us within 5 working days, as well as return the products by registered mail within a maximum of 10 working days from the date such defective products were delivered to him.

3.3 Return

If admissible according to the above (especially mutations, order cancellations, defects), the return of products must be made by registered mail within the corresponding time limits, compliance with which is determined on the basis of the postmark.

It is in any case excluded the return in cases of damage and in the absence of the original packaging.

3.4 Refund and costs of return

Where all the conditions for return set forth above are met, we will refund the purchase price paid by the customer.

Return costs shall be borne by the customer, except in cases of delivery of products that do not correspond to what was ordered or are defective.


Our liability is limited to the value of the products supplied, excluding as of now any liability for slight negligence, (in)direct damages, loss of earnings and lost economies, delivery delays, as well as for acts or omissions of our auxiliary employees.

Likewise, we are not liable for any external service providers (postal services, payment services, etc.), the responsibility for which lies with the corresponding service enterprise.

The foodstuffs offered by us are characterized in accordance with the legal provisions on foodstuffs in force. We therefore disclaim any responsibility for the content and intake of the foods offered, and urge customers to carefully read the information provided on the products themselves.

For orders concerning products whose sale premises a legal minimum age, the customer explicitly confirms that he/she fulfills this legal premise.


Should individual clauses of these GTC be wholly or partially invalid, the effectiveness of the remaining clausesor the further parts of these clauses, as well as the validity of the contract, shall not be affected. The void rule shall be deemed to be replaced by that valid rule which comes as close as possible to the purposes and meaning of the void rule.


All legal relations existing between us and the client are subject to Swiss law..

The place of jurisdiction is Bellinzona or the customer's place of domicile.

Version January 2018

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